Dr. Alexandra S. Rodler


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Research interests

Bio- and isotope geochemistry
Early Earth environments

Research Experience

Radiogenic isotope systems (Sr, Pb)
Traditional (C, O) and non-traditional stable isotope systems (Cr, Cu)
Trace and rare earth elements
A/biogenic minerals, redox, sorption

Current research projects

Sep 2022

Colors of the Artemision, Ephesos

Earth pigments from Kos

Ephesian Egyptian blue

Fieldwork (Foto: A. Kostomitsopoulou Marketou)

News & Upcoming

ERC-stG 2023-2028

Color in a New light – origins, trade and cultural significance of ancient pigments

Wall paintings at Ephesos (Foto: A. S. Rodler)

Upcoming conference sessions

Goldschmidt 2023 (Lyon, July 9-14)

EGU 2023 (Vienna, April 23-28)