Non peer-reviewed publications

Rodler A.S., 2018. Auf den Farbspuren der Römer in Norikum.
In: Archäologieblog, 30.8.2018. (in German)

Rodler A.S., 2018. På sporet af antikkens farver.
In: Antikkens farver. Sfinx 40(4), 30-33. (in Danish)


Contribution with a workshop to Kinderuni 2022

European Researcher’s Night 2022

Curating the twitter profile of Colorful Indications of (Ex)Change as part of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action Individual Fellowship No 845075, 2020-2022

Valentin’s Day Special: Fall in love with science (Science speed dating)
Pint of Science Belgium @L’Harmonium, 20.02.2020

Rodler A.S., 2019. Snowball Earth – Imagine planet Earth covered by ice. Pint of Science Belgium, @The Sisters Brussels Cafe, 22.05.2019

Rodler A.S., 2019. Stable isotope research in Timber.
Outreach video for the ERC-funded project Timber. 13.05.2019